When creating a piece of art, there are many materials to choose from. They each have their  own unique attributes, distinct behaviors, and personalities.  When ordering a commission, you get to choose a material. Below, you will find a picture and a description to help you choose the material that would be best for your new piece of art.

Acrylic Paint on Canvas


Acrylic paint is really versatile. It can be mixed with many other materials such as: metal leaf, ink, or pencil. It tends to have a 'flatter' look to it than some other materials; however, the trade-off is that it can also be used with glazing layers which  add depth and shine.


If you have a deadline (such as a birthday or anniversary) that is quickly approaching, then an acrylic painting would be your first choice because it dries faster than other paints.


Pros:                                                             Cons:

Can be mixed with other materials                         Looks flat if not finished with a glaze

Fast drying


Final sheen options:                                        16"  x   20"             $450

Matte, satin, gloss or textured


Oil Paint on Canvas


Is by far my favorite material to use. It is beautiful. As the name suggests, the paint pigment is mixed with walnut oil giving each tiny particle is soaked in oil adding depth and shine to every brush stroke.


Pros:                                                            Cons:

Rich color depth                                                            Longer dry time

A smooth look                                                            


                                                                       16"  x   20"              $500

Gouache on Paper


Gouache acts like a blend between acrylic paint and watercolor. If applied in thick layers it looks like paint. If diluted with water, it creates a watercolor effect that is similar to stained glass. The gouache almost glows when the white of the paper shines through.


Pros:                                                              Cons:

Translucent                                                                       No room for changes or corrections

Fast drying


Additional options:                                            PRICING:

Smooth or textured paper available                       16"  x  20"              $350

Choose Your Medium (Art Material)

Ink on Paper


I use ink to givr a more dramatic, modern design to a piece. It is perfect for true opaque blacks and whites. The colored inks create a translucent, waterwolor-like finish.


Pros:                                                                                Cons:

Opaque, true black                                                        No room for changes or corrections


Fast drying

Metallic and iridescent available


Additional options:                                            PRICING:

Smooth or textured paper available                      16" x  20"              $350

Chalk Pastel on Paper


Chalk pastel is used to create a soft, feather-like  look.


Pros:                                                              Cons:

Fast turnaround time                                                     Cannot capture fine details

Portrays movement    

Opaque, thick color                                                      PRICING:                                    

Adjustments can be made                                           16"  x  20"           $200 


By Jessie Tietjen

Urban Canopy

Eco Art Studio