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Nature-Inspired Art


"My hope is that my affinity for wilderness can be seen in my art and that through it others are able to feel a similar connection to the wild.”  - Jessie Tietjen


A custom piece of artwork can show what connects and inspires you about nature and wilderness.


Imagine it hanging in your living room. Let it connect you to what you love about nature even when you can't be there yourself.

Live Fiercely 12 x 9.jpg


Looking for another way to show your love of nature?


Feature yourself or a loved one in their favorite place, with your spirit animal, birds, wolves, waterfalls, what inspires you?

Pet Portraits


Pet portraits are a wonderful way to remember your best friend who has passed away or your love of animals in general.


They make great gifts and can capture your pet's personality more vividly than a photograph.

By Jessie Tietjen

Urban Canopy

Eco Art Studio

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